Beef BBQ Steak

Beef BBQ Steak

Guide: 300g/each


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Fordhall Farm Beef BBQ steaks are thinly cut meaning that they only require a quick cook and stay lovely and tender, perfect cooking on the BBQ!

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Food facts

BBQ steaks will be freshly cut and vacuum packed before dispatch.

Free range

Fordhall Farm Grass Fed Beef

Not Suitable for vegetarians
Cooking Instructions

BBQ steaks are cut thinly, they can be cooked in the way the name suggests.. on the BBQ! A couple of minutes on either side is all that is needed. Alternatively heat a frying pan with a very small splash of oil or butter, then sear the BBQ steak for half- 1 minute on each side for rare, 1 minute on each side for medium or 1- 2 minutes on each side for well done. Simple!

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