Lifetime Share - Fordhall Community Land Initiative

Lifetime Share - Fordhall Community Land Initiative





Become part of our unique Fordhall Community - buy a lifetime share and own part of Fordhall Community Land Initiative.

These are lifelong shares in the Fordhall Community Land Initiative and entitle you to one vote at the Annual General Meeting. Each community share comes with a beautifully presented share certificate and for the first year you will receive free subscription to ‘Friends of Fordhall’ quarterly newsletter. These shares are completely non-profit making and cannot be sold on or transferred (unless stated so in a Will) – you are investing in the future.

There is no limit to the number of shares one person can own, but they will hold only one vote regardless of the volume of shares. This means the society remains completely democratic.

Shares are refundable upon request; this is at the discretion of the board and may be subject to a small administration fee. However, the FCLI may decide to withdraw this option without notice and at any given point. These rules are here to safeguard the FCLI as a community-benefit (not member-benefit) society.

We strongly recommend that you read our Society Rules before purchasing a share in the Fordhall Community Land Initiative.

Buy a share as a gift for a child
“What a wonderful idea”

As part owner of a farm your child will never grow up not knowing where their food comes from. The application needs to be placed in the child’s name and the Guardians name clearly marked in the relevant box.

Buy a share for a birthday/anniversary/wedding/christening present
The application needs to be made in the name of the shareholder. If you would like the application sent to you to give as a present, please give your full name, address and contact details in the large box at the bottom of the application.

We receive payments for shares through PayPal. You are NOT required to have a PayPal account to use this service. A secure and safe credit card payment method is also available as you go through the PayPal options. Paying electronically will incur a service fee of £2.50.

If you have any questions or are unable to access the information just ring our office (01630 638696) and we will happily post an application to you. Alternatively, you can post a cheque for the required number of shares to us at the Fordhall Community Land Initiative. If you click on the link below, this form will provide you with a guide as to what you need to include when you send us your cheque.

More information and the full society rules can be downloaded from: