Paleo Grass Fed Meat Pack

Paleo Grass Fed Meat Pack





This pack is designed for customers following a Paleo diet or similar. All the meat in this pack is 100% grass fed and contains 2 Rump Steaks, 500g of minced beef, 1 x Beef Topside Joint, 2 x 300g of Beef Liver, 1kg Beef Bones, 1/4 Beef Heart, 400g Lamb Neck, 1 x Lamb Shoulder Joint on the bone, 1 x Lamb Breast on the bone and 4 Lamb Chops. Item weights may vary- but will always total over £65 value.

Food facts

Meat boxes are for online ordering only. The Paleo Grass Fed Meat Pack contains 100% pasture fed meats from livestock on our farm. The pack includes bones for making broth and traditional organ meats too. Many of the cuts included are on the bone which can be saved and boiled up for broths.

Free range

Fordhall Farm 100% grass fed Beef & Lamb