Beef Diced Stewing Steak

Beef Diced Stewing Steak

Guide: 500g/each


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Diced and cubed, stewing steak ideal for stews, casseroles, pies and curries. Generally cut from the shin. This option has alot of flavour but must be cooked very slowly to ensure optimum tenderness.500g pack

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Food facts

Well matured beef, diced and vacuum packed to maintain freshness.

Free range

Fordhall Farm Grass Fed Beef

Not Suitable for vegetarians
Cooking Instructions

Diced Beef is perfect for making stews and casseroles. Brown the meat first in a hot pan with a little oil or butter, when brown add vegetables and potatoes, add beef stock and bring to the boil. Allow to simmer for 1 hour 30 minutes. Thicken the stock if necessary, or make some dumplings and add in at the end for a perfect treat!

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