Fordhall Farm Shop is on the outskirts of the traditional market town of Market Drayton in North Shropshire, in the picturesque Tern Valley.

The Farm Shop and farm is run by tenant farmer, Ben Hollins. He began this business back in 2004 when he was only 19 years old. He sells plenty of local and organic produce and Ben prides himself in the grass fed beef (we aim to hang for at least 21 days), which is usually Aberdeen Angus or Hereford which has been reared at Fordhall Farm, there is also grass fed lamb and Gloucester Old Spot Free Range Pork that he hand rears on the farm.

Fordhall's pastures, including the cows and sheep, are all fully certified organic with the Soil Association. These principles include high standards of animal welfare; low levels of environmental pollution, prohibition of genetically modified food, enhancement of the landscape and wildlife habitats, and most importantly soil management, which maintains soil health and which does not involve the use of chemical fertilisers and sprays. We love our soil microbes – they are our hidden factory of workers!

Ben's livestock are 100% free-range, grass-fed and graze species-rich organic (chemical free) pastures all year round.

As well as Fordhall Beef, Lamb and Gloucester Old Spot Pork we have our own dry cured bacon, Gloucester Old Spot pork sausages, In the shop on the Farm, there is also free range eggs, fresh locally grown and organic vegetables, Shropshire honey, jams, organic ice cream, organic bread, yoghurt, drinks, alcohol, stuffing, organic speciality cheeses, home made pork pies and more.

Everything we do has local connections at its heart and we pride ourselves in the careful way we rear our animals, providing natural stress free environments. Our lush pastures and fantastic array of wildlife have benefited from their late father’s decision to stop putting artificial chemicals on the land over 65 years ago. For more information on the livestock and farming methods click on the links from the menu bar, or why not visit us and see for yourselves on our three free farm trails.

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